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Welcome to My Home Cooking's Apple Pie Site!

Apple pie is a part of almost all American Traditions. It has, in a way, become a tradition itself. It is what brings families around the table for dessert after a good, Thanksgiving meal. It is the fragrant aroma that fills Grandma's kitchen the night of Christmas Eve. It is that dessert Mom makes every Fourth of July. Say apple pie, and the first thing that enters people's minds is a flaky crust with a sweet, apple filling melting together with a scoop of homemade, vanilla ice cream. Let's face it, there is no dessert more looked forward to than a good slice of homemade apple pie.

This website is devoted to teaching people like you how to make an outstanding, mouthwatering, apple pie. No need to fear, we will take you through each step and include lots of pictures. This apple pie recipe is award winning, and it is sure to become one of your family's favorites. So, get that rolling pin out, and join us for a tasty adventure!


Why This Apple Pie Is Everyone's Favorite 

I find that there are two things that make this apple pie the best on the web. First, it has a delicious, homemade crust. The secret behind the crust is that it consists of both shortening and butter. This gives it the crumbliness of a shortening crust along with the flakiness of a butter crust.  Next is its delicious filling. The first thing you will taste is the sweet vinegar and cinnamon coating; then, as this melts away in your mouth, the sweet, apple sensation kicks in. Combined with its salty crust and a good scoop of vanilla ice cream, no dessert can beat this pie.   

If you would like to print any of the following information out for personal use, feel free to, just make sure that you copy and paste it into a word document. If you try to print it from the web page, it won't work. 

I) How to Make The Flaky Crust

Hold your horses! Don't skip this step. I know it is a temptation to buy that grocery store pie crust, but believe me, making a homemade crust is easy, and it tastes ten times better than a store bought!

II) How to Make The Sweet Apple Filling

We'll take you through step-by-step, and give you plenty of pictures. And, feel free to lick to bowl; we won't tell anyone.

III) How to Make the Apple Pie

Once you're done making that pie filling, click here, and we will help you put this pie together.

IV) How To Bake The Apple Pie

Warning: Your house is fixing to smell pretty good! Forget about those scented candles, you've got the real thing!

Serving Your Finished Apple Pie

If you need any serving tips, these should help. Just don't forget to buy the vanilla ice cream.


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