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French Bread

French Bread


Welcome to My-Home-Cooking's Bread Page!

Today, our goal is to teach you the art of baking breads. With our step-by-step instructions, and explanatory pictures, we are sure that within the next fifteen minutes, no matter how little experience you have in baking breads, you will quickly achieve a new and impressive skill that will last a lifetime! No bread machines, culinary degrees, or dictionaries required. We just want to provide you with an impressive, new hobby and hope that you will be inspired to take it to the next level and create a new bread recipe of your own.

Two Important Things to Get You Started:

How to Knead Bread

If this is your fist time making bread, then this step is provided for you.

Sour Dough Starter Recipe

If you are interested in sour dough bread, this is posted for you! No sour dough starter surpasses the delicious flavor of one made with real yogurt. This is what gives sour dough bread its zing.  

Bread Recipes

Ok, let's get started! Here all the bread recipes you will need. We will take you through each one step-by-step, include lots of pictures, and give you serving advice after each recipe to ensure that your breads look as good as they taste.

Recipe Links

 If you enjoy the bread recipes listed on this web page here are a few of our other favorite recipes.


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