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    Now that your brownies are completed we will give you some ideas on how to serve your delicious treats. Be creative and come up with your own Ideas on what to serve them with. Remember, presentation is just as important as taste.

Stacked Brownies


Staking your brownies on a plate is a way for you to share them with friends or for storing them. This is also a wonderful way to serve them. Garnishing them with your favorite chocolate candy is a wonderful way to add color.

Cool Summer Treat Brownies

Cool summer treat

Cool summer treat is brownies with ice-cream, chocolate syrup, whip-cream, strawberries, and mint. This is my favorite way to serve brownies and is perfect with almost any type of ice-cream. It is also a way to make them even more eye catching.  

Brownies with milk

Forth Of July Brownies

We suggest this way of serving brownies for a party or special event because it is simple, but at the same time more eye appealing than a normal brownie. The whip-cream adds the perfect touch to a brownie, and glass of milk is always the perfect drink to go with any chocolate dessert.

Brownies with Tea

Brownies for a tea party

Brownies are one of the best chocolate desserts to go with tea and will help you settle your chocolate craving. I suggest cutting the brownies in smaller servings to make them more elegant to go with your tea. Tea can complements your brownies just like milk.



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