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this is were you are able to show your creativity and work on the most important thing next to taste, presentation. I have found that this cake always looks best when the frosting is not even, but rather swirled and in large waves.

First Layer

First Layer

First Step: Frosting First Layer

Now take a spatula and spread on a very thin layer of frosting. You only need enough so that the other layer will stick, don't drench it in frosting.

Hint: If you are having trouble getting the frosting to spread and it is looking like crusty chunks, stop and add one teaspoon of water at a time until it looks right. I am telling you this just because frosting likes to dry out if it has to wait for the cake to bake and cool. 

Adding Second Lair

Adding Second Layer

Second Step: Adding Second Layer

Now place the unfrosted second layer on the frosted first layer.

Frosting Sides And Top

Frosting Sides

Third Step: Frosting Sides

Now, this cake is supposed to have a textured frosting job and it is supposed to look wavy so don't worry about trying to smooth the sides out, just make it stick.

Frosting Top Lair

Frosting Top Layer

Fourth Step: Frosting Top

To frost the top scoop out a large amount of frosting onto the top and then spread it around using the end of your spatula rather that the edge. If you are doing it right it should look like the picture to the left.



Roasted Pecans

Roasted Pecans

Fifth Step: Pecans

Now take one of your favorite roasted nuts (we suggest pecans if you have some) and put them around the edge to add some color and flavor. If you have never used a recipe that called for roasted nuts don't worry you don't have to buy some expensive equipment, just put them in the microwave and stir them once and a while. Every microwave is differed so I can't tell you how long to cook them, but it should not take over 2 minutes. Cook them one minute at a time to insure they do not burn. When their are done they will have a little bit of a crunch, and will have a very nutty smell.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

This recipe will serve 9 to 12 people.

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