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When you give someone a piece of your chocolate cake you want it to be pleasing to the eye. You don't want some one to walk into your house and say "something smells great," and then think you have a scented candle burning because your cake looks like a store bought one! We are just going to point out some simple mistakes that many people look over.

Chocolate CakeOne Liar

Dishes and Platters

These two pictures are here so you can observe the difference between a finished and unfinished chocolate cake. The clear platter has no color, but by placing another colorful plate under it the dark rich chocolate brown color of the cake is brought out.

What To Drink?

This is one simple error that I am sad to say every one I know has made. NEVER force people to drink Kool-Aid with chocolate cake!! I know that kids like it and it makes since to have it at a birthday party, but fruit punch and berry sugar drinks go with pineapple upside down cake, not chocolate cake. If I were to serve this cake for a birthday party, Kool-Aid could certainly be an option, but I would not force it on people. Offer them milk as as another options.

Ice Cream

I am a chocolate lover and could eat a whole carton of chocolate ice cream, but like the Kool-Aid it may be a little to much with chocolate cake. The ice cream is supposed to complement the cake not the other way around. This is why I would suggest vanilla, or strawberry.

Another mistake that I make is over estimating the strength of a paper plate. It can handle cake, but ice cream may make it flimsy, so if you are having a pot luck at your house make sure to have plastic plates on hand for dessert.


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