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Are You Ready? Don't skip this step!! Roasting the nuts is the key to a good recipe. It will make your cookies easer to chew and make your taste buds beg for more. Any time a recipe calls for nuts I recommend you roast the nuts. You will be happy you did!

Walnuts Before Being Roasted

Walnuts Before Going Into The Oven

1st step to roasting walnuts

Take your walnuts and place them on a cookie sheet, or pan. (make sure that you do not chop the nuts until step 2)

Place the walnuts in the oven and bake them at 350 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure you keep an eye on them until they are done so that they don't burn.

Walnuts After Being Roasted

Roasted Walnuts


Once your walnuts have been roasting for 5-10 minutes you can tell that they are done when the skin is stating to flake off.

Chopping Roasted Walnuts

Chopping Walnuts

2nd step Chopping

After you have roasted the walnuts chop them coarsely and set them aside for the next step. 

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