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Brownie Recipe- This is one of the simplest, from scratch recipes on the web. It is a great introduction into the world of cooking. I highly recommend it to any newcomer to the trade, or in teaching children how to bake. The result is a rich and chocolaty reward.  

Carrot Cake Recipe- Learn how to make one of the easiest and most impressive desserts ever. With this recipe up your sleeve, you are bound to receive countless praises for a mouthwatering last course that takes little to no effort to create. This is by far one of the most wonderful, throw it all in the bowl and stir, recipes on the web.

Chocolate Cake Recipe- Have someone special in your family who loves a rich chocolate cake? Then this is their ultimate birthday surprise! Because of its smooth, melt in your mouth chocolate frosting and--not over powering--chocolate cake, we have no problem including it as one of our top three greatest recipes ever. To prove its superiority, this recipe has been in my family for three generations.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe- Words cannot express the delight of a home made chocolate chip cookie, which consists of fresh ingredients and lots of love. Kids like to eat them, bake them, and sell them at fundraisers. They also make a hit at annual get-togethers, and church potlucks.   

Ice Cream Recipes- Hold it! Don't run off to the store and buy that "on sale" and "low fat" ice cream. You deserve more than that. This collection consists of both normal and low fat, creamy, ice creams that are sure to beat anything you've ever tried. Home made ice cream is the perfect dessert after any summer meal, its easy. 

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Oatmeal Cookie Recipe- A great snack, or treat, to be added to your family's cookie jar; you can never have too many oat meal cookies, especially with this easy-to-make recipe. I find these also to be a favorite among friends and neighbors during the holidays.

Pecan Pie Recipe-Overflowing with extra toasted pecans, this pecan pie is sure to make a hit with its mouth watering, crumble in your mouth good crust and its lack of artificial preservatives and goopy, grocery store fillings. Nothing says mouthwatering richness like a real, home made pecan pie.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe- Made in an old cast iron skillet with its hardy 1-2-3-4 cake and pineapple topping, this cake will make your house smell as wonderful as it tastes. Along with a little vanilla ice cream, it is the perfect ending to an Easter dinner. It is fast and also very easy.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe- No pumpkin carving involved here, just a good old tasty pumpkin pie with a crumbly home made crust that is the perfect ending to any Thanksgiving meal. It is easy to make and takes less time to bake that driving to the store to pick up the cool whip. 

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