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Are you ready to start making your German Chocolate Cake? Well don't get carried away and jump over the most important step!! The secret to this recipe is roasting your pecans. Now don't think we are going to make you go and buy a state-of-the-art new cooking gadget, all this step calls for is a microwave, paper plate, and a kitchen knife.

Nuts in Microwave

Nuts in Microwave

Step One

Put one cup of pecans in the microwave for one minute. Then take them out and turn them over a few times with your hand and put them back in for another minute. The second time you take them out if they don't look done put them in for another minute, other wise go to step two.

Unroasted Pecans

Knife and cutting board

Step Two

Find a good cutting board and knife.

Chopping Nuts

Chopping Nuts

Step Three

Take the large  kitchen knife and chop the pecans into several pieces. Each pecan should be cut into about four pieces. Be careful not to chop them too finely.

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