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Home Made Potato Soup

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Welcome to My Home Cooking's Soup Site!

Hopelessly Surfing the web for a good soup recipe? Well here it is with all its delicious friends! Our mission is to provide people like yourself with the pictures and step-by-step instructions  necessary for making the best soups available. We will not only give you these recipes for free, but also teach you how to prefect them. By this time tomorrow you will be a soup making whiz! In fact, before you know it all your neighbors will be lined up at your front door waiting for the new "culinary chef's" original recipe. So get out that wooden spoon because your house is fixing to smell pretty good! 


Why Make Soup From Scratch?

There are many advantages that come with making soup from scratch. You can control the quality of the ingredients. This allows your homemade soup to be healthy. It also allows you to enhance the flavor of your soup using fresh vegetables along with homemade chicken broth. None of these delicious choices can be found in a can. 

Soup Recipes

Ok! Now that we have convinced you to try our recipes it is time to get started. Just click on the link above and carefully follow the step-by-step instructions for the perfect soups. If you have never made soup from scratch before I am sure you will be surprised how easy it is.


If you enjoyed the recipes featured on this sight we ask that you would take the time to try some of the other recipes provided by My Home Cooking and other websites. 



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